_DSC0142With an Aldila Rogue Silver in my V-Series driver fit and built by the incredible guys at Callaway, I thought there was no room for improvement. I love the feel and performance of the Big Bertha V-series and the Rogue is a good shaft that has been popular on tour.

I had heard great things about the new Speeder Evolution from Fujikura so I decided to check it out for myself. I went to Fujikura with my current driver to see if we could improve on what was already considered optimal. While going to Callaway, TaylorMade, or Titleist getting fit and treated like a touring professional is a dream experience, I have to say that going to Fujikura is a must. Similar to the big club companies, Fujikura has state of the art equipment and the best fitters in the business, however what separates the experience from the others is the versatility. They have every head available from every company. Huge tool chests drawers slide open to reveal every club head and ball available to customize your experience. That coupled with getting a shaft specifically built for you, Fujikura is a fitting experience like no other.

Marshall was doing my fitting and we started out hitting my driver with the Aldila Rogue Silver. He said the numbers were good as I expected, but he thought we could do better with a new Speeder Evolution.

True to his word, in less than an hour we had improved the averages, here are a few numbers:

Club Speed +1 mph to 109.6       Ball Speed  +2.3 mph to 159.5       Launch Angle +1.2 degrees to 11.9       Back Spin -313 rpm to 2514 rpm       Range of Dispersion -17.6 yards       Total Distance +7.6 yards to 298.5

While gaining a little distance is always welcome, it was the dispersion that was most intriguing. So I took the Evolution out to the course that afternoon and did the type of comparison that matters most to me. Hitting 2 balls with each shaft in my driver on every hole for 9 holes (7 minus the par 3’s) the results were far more telling than the numbers at the fitting. Hitting cuts and draws, into and down wind, overall the Evolution outperformed the Rogue. The difference was significant enough that even though its just a couple wrench turns away I haven’t even thought about switching back.

The main difference for me with the Evolution compared to past Speeders was the feel. Like past generations I am confident even on the hardest of swings that I won’t lose the ball left (as a right hander it’s one of my primary concerns with a new driver). The Evolution provides that same security, only now there is more buttery transfer of energy for a feel I have yet to experience in a shaft. I also can swing it 75% and still receive the sensation and feedback I want which is rare for a shaft I can confidently go after hard.

Bottom line is the Evolution is probably the straightest shaft I’ve ever hit and it doesn’t sacrifice any distance while still having phenomenal feel… very impressive.