With the new Fort Worth 15 irons, The Ben Hogan Golf Co. has brought back the iconic players irons with an alteration. Instead of traditional club number stampings the Fort Worth 15’s have degrees of loft in 1-degree increments on the bottom. With club manufacturers strengthening lofts to sell distance this allows the golfer to completely customize their iron set to suit their game.

Whiskey Loop thinks is may be a “why didn’t we think of that?!” moment for players irons manufacturers.

The new Ft. Worth 15 irons – the most accurate and forgiving Hogan irons ever, give more golfers the ability to be a “Hogan Player” once again.FT. WORTH 15 IRONS

When Mr. Hogan started his company in 1953, he did so to “design and manufacture the best clubs in golf” with “the most exacting tolerances.” With the Ft. Worth 15 irons, we feel we have again done exactly what Mr. Hogan originally set out to do.

Forged from premium 1025 Carbon Steel, the new Ft. Worth 15 irons offer the ultimate performance, feel and sound that Mr. Hogan would have demanded while embracing industry-first technologies such as the Precise Loft™ System and HoganFit™ to give golfers a level of precision never before seen in the game.