Whiskey Loop celebrates the traditions, stories, people
and places that are unique to the WORLD OF GOLF.

In 1934 & 1935 Bing Crosby invited some friends to Old Brockway golf course, a tree lined 9 hole course on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. Dean Martin found he needed another cocktail before he could complete the track so he would jump to hole 8 after the 3rd to get back to the bar.

This 5 hole loop became the Whiskey Run. The small gathering evolved into Crosby’s clambake and the Whiskey Run or Loop continued as they would play 1,2,3,17 &18 at Pebble Beach to get back to the Tap Room.We will bring the stories and people that epitomize what we love about the game to you. We will also provide current news, commentary and relevant events about players and the game.
Our hope is to create a place that shines a light on the passion of golf and all of those who love the game